Our approach is driven by context, materiality and a belief that considered design improves well being and quality of life for all. We are unashamedly modernist in our approach with a strong focus on creating a tangible relationship to the surrounding fabric and landscape within which we work.


The ever growing complexity of planning is challenging. This is the area in which we have a wealth knowledge and experience. We fully understand the role of planning in the development process from the making of local plans, green belt reviews, permitted development etc through to local development control and management policies affecting and impacting on a planning application. We produce detailed planning statements, design and access statements and planning appeals. We have provided expert witness statements and representations on Local Plans and Development Plan Frameworks.

Urban Design

Spaces & Places - At the macro scale we undertake detailed site analysis and master planning to create new settlements and place shaping. This focuses on the creation of unique, qualitative places for living, work and enjoyment.

Development Consultancy

Through our extensive relationship with a number of specialists, property consultants we undertake development appraisals looking at local values to understand and analyse the development viability. We produce detailed appraisals and cost plans in house to enable early decision making.

Architect Led Construction

After working on many projects in a disjointed process, SKAPROJECTS LTD was formed in 2016 as a way of achieving a seamless service from appointment to completion ensuring a design led approach. This has the common goal of improving outcomes both in terms of quality and cost.

Through SKAPROJECTS LTD we are in an unusual and highly valuable position to make vital decisions and budgetary choices which with a more traditional approach often dilutes design quality.

Through SKAPROJECTS LTD we have delivered a small number of medium scale projects for specific client requirements to a very high quality outcome.


“I am just as excited by this project as I was at its inception; it has a wonderful cohesive quality and feels like a sanctuary, a place of restoration and hope, everything I had hoped for and more. Best of all this Spring there will be 20 less homeless women sleeping on the streets because of White Heather House, and the dedication and vision of the team who have created it.”
– Nicky Houston, HARP about Bradbury Centre Project


Our design approach is not limited to facade and plan. Our awareness and focus follows through with a considered approach looking at the finer details of furniture fittings, colours and textures to ensure continuity and integrity from the external landscape through to the minute details of internal joinery and fabric.

Branding and Imaging

We use our extensive design skills and knowledge of lifestyle and imagery for development branding. We help clients to start a brand, create development name and visual identity, advise on advertising themes and campaigns. We produce marketing brochures, display banners, high quality visualisations and sales plans.


We pride ourselves on producing high quality images of our work to bring our proposals to life, provide clarity and communicate it to a wider audience. We enjoy producing still life images, detailed and realistic visualisations, 3D virtual tours as well as physical architectural models.