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Thorpe Hall School

SKARCHITECTS LTD have been appointed by Thorpe Hall to create an indoor all weather sports facilities to ensure the school can deliver all of their curriculum. A key element of the brief was to address the setting of the open space to the south of the connection of sport and recreation through the building and on to the sport pitches.

The proposal is of a unique high quality design to enhance the identity of Thorpe Hall School and the importance of the sporting Curriculum. The design of the new structure responds to the surrounding complex of buildings inviting and transparent to create a striking structure to provide interest and animation.

As seen from the street the new sports hall will feature vibrant green polycarbonate cladding to showcase and advertise the school and their new facilities. This includes a new large sports hall with music, dance and fitness studios to encourage greater participation and enthusiasm of the students within the school curriculum. The appearance reflects the value the school gives to their sporting curriculum and importance places on the quality of their environment.

The brief also calls for a definitive response to energy reduction and the use of on-site renewables where practical.