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New Proposals for Sealife Adventure WILD approved


SKARCHITECTS LTD have recently obtained planning permission for Sealife Adventure WILD, a new extension to the popular Southend on Sea attraction Sealife Adventure. The construction works on site are due to start soon this year.


In 2017 Sealife Adventure as new BIAZA members were asked to look into accommodating two new groups of animals which urgently needed new owners and accommodation.

These included animals from the nearby Tropical Wings Zoo which shut at the end of 2017, namely 20 meerkats, 3 giant African spurred tortoises and 5-6 leopard tortoises, and Macaque monkeys used for testing in a laboratory in Italy which is due to close in 2018.

The animals in question needed rehousing guarantees urgently or else they would have been put down at the end of 2017.

It was clear that accommodating the above animals would help Sealife Adventure fulfil their BIAZA membership commitments and greatly contribute to the overall exhibit and educational programme of the proposed new extension.

Stockvale formed a Project Team comprising Sealife Adventure management and animal keepers, The Sealife Adventure Vet, SKArchitects Ltd, and Specialist Wildlife Services as a specialist consultant coordinating animal transfers and providing concept designs for all new animal facilities.

The Sealife Adventure Wild Extension Programme was soon formulated and divided into three following phases:

Phase 1- New Meerkat and Tortoises Enclosure (to be completed for animal transfer in February 2018)

Phase 2 – New Macaque Monkey Enclosure (to be completed for animal transfer in Spring/ Summer 2018), and new Beach Hut Café located along the southern boundary.

Phase 3 – New Tropical House for fish, free ranging butterflies, crocodile and reptiles exhibits, and a new children outdoor playground located in the centre ( to be completed in the second half of 2018).